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5 Best Internships 2021 | Fully Funded

Would you like to know about 5 Best Internships 2021? Whether you answered yes or no, read on to find out how to apply for the most prestigious internships. In this article, Fully Scholarship gives details about the 5 best internships for students in 2021: not only are they paid but they are also fully-funded.

Wouldn’t that be a treat? Experience the benefit of working in an international environment, enjoying different cuisines, and getting the opportunity to travel. Moreover, these top 5 internships for students in 2021 will give them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of traveling abroad while also growing their careers.

You will be a desirable candidate for the job you are interested in by gaining experience as an international intern, whether you do it for a long-term or a short-term internship. The benefits of international internships include accelerating academic progress, building networks, boosting confidence, and grooming yourself as a professional.

1) RIPS Summer Internship 2021 in the US (Fully Funded)

Undergrads and recent graduates can participate in the RIPS Summer Internship 2021 for nine weeks. The program is offered in a variety of fields including computer science, mathematics, and relevant fields. Internship opportunities are fully funded.

Researchers will guide all interns in a competitive environment involving real-world researchers. Students from all around the world are welcome to apply.

Funding along with benefits will be provided for this internship;

  • Three thousand five hundred dollars in stipends will be provided to the candidate.
  • You will be provided free accommodation
  • Meals will be served for nine weeks.
  • Travel Allowance will be provided to you.

For more details about this internship, visit:


2) World Bank Paid Internship Program 2021

This summer you have the opportunity to intern for the World Bank through its Summer Internship Program 2021. The internship program is a dynamic environment where all interns are encouraged to grow professionally. The internship has several departments such as development operations, human resources, accounting, communication, etc.

Internship period is 4 weeks, and TOEFL or IELTS are not required. Members of the World Bank Group come from 170 countries.

Funding along with benefits will be provided for this internship;

  • It’s a completely Paid internship.
  • Travel allowance will be provided
  • Working with and assisting professionals will be provided.

For more details about this internship, visit:


3) ADB Summer Internship 2021

This internship program by ADB is an excellent opportunity for young, motivated, and self-directed candidates who want to pursue their dreams. You can apply if you are from one of over 68 nationalities. The best part about this internship program is that it gives applicants the flexibility to choose the location of their internship.

A minimum of 8 weeks are required for this internship. Graduate students enrolled in a master’s or doctorate program may apply for this ADB internship twice a year.

Funding along with benefits will be provided for this internship;

  • A monthly stipend will be provided
  • Airfare travel cost will be given.
  • Finance knowledge.
  • Possibility of contributing to ADB’s activities.

For details about this internship visit


4) KAUST International Internship 2021- Fully Funded

Saudi Arabia is offering a full-funded internship program covering all expenses for participants selected for the 2021-22 program. Highly talented candidates are sought for this internship.

Interns will be taught how to conduct research independently and will be introduced to the research work.

Funding along with benefits will be provided for this internship;

  • You will be provided Monthly Stipend: $1000
  • Visa Fee will be provided
  • You will receive Round Airfare
  • Accommodation will be provided to you.
  • Health insurance will be given to you.
  • You will get Community Resources

For more details about this internship, visit:


5) OECD Internship in Paris 2021-Paid Internship

Applicants should be enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree program to apply for the OECD Internship 2021 in Paris. In this internship, you’ll be exposed to technical and analytical areas under the supervision of professionals.

As the Pandemic situation develops, selected candidates may work remotely. It is expected that all interns will work in a team.

Funding along with benefits will be provided for this internship;

  • As a living expense, 700 euros per month
  • The process of obtaining a visa will be assisted.
  • Team members of diverse backgrounds are engaged.

For more details about this internship, visit:


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