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CM Punjab Internship Program 2021-22 | Fully Funded

A new initiative was created by the Punjabi Government to strengthen the abilities of youths and recent graduates, the CM Punjab Internship Program 2021-22. On behalf of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, DGPR Punjab is offering an internship opportunity for media graduates with a handsome monthly stipend. The internship program of the CM office offers the young media graduate the opportunity to work in a highly professional and organized environment. To reduce unemployment, Pakistan’s government must engage the youth in employment opportunities. The medical graduate internship in Pakistan, therefore, is an important factor that contributes towards reducing the rate of unemployment both in the province and in the entire country.

Internship Program at CM Punjab Media gives fresh graduates the opportunity to start their professional careers in a confident manner. There was an explosion of media houses in Pakistan in the first decade of the 21st century, which resulted in an explosion of students looking to pursue media studies, since it was a promising career path at that time. Despite the mushroom growth slowing down, the number of media students has always increased over time. As a result of the surge of media graduates, the number of jobs decreased and unemployment increased. Due to this harsh reality, the paid internship program for Punjabi media graduates is a blessing for those who are preoccupied with their careers.

Internship opportunities for graduates are available in all media branches. Any student who resides in Punjab province with the domicile has the ability to apply in this CM youth empowerment program; any student, male or female, with a home address in Punjab. Young professionals with two years of experience can be considered eminent for key jobs as a result of the media internship opportunity.

A two-year program called CM Training operated by the Government of Punjab benefits 500 young graduates from different parts of the province who have careers-oriented backgrounds. The internship can easily be called a job opportunity because it provides a monthly stipend of 20,000 rupees to the interns, thus lifting the financial burden from their shoulders. As a result, the youth in Punjab who have completed their media degrees can work for free and excel in their fields, so they are highly motivated to seek employment.

Brief details of CM Punjab Internship Program 2021-22:

·       Host Country for the internship: Pakistan

·       Internship sponsored by: Government of Punjab,Pakistan.

·       Internship of this Duration: 2 years

·       No. of Internship Positions for this internship: 500 Internship positions

Benefits you will get:

  • Stipends will be given to interns each month of twenty thousand rupees.
  • A total of 500 recent media graduates will be selected for this internship program
  • As soon as they complete this internship, the recent graduates will be confidently ready for their professional careers.
  • Two years of pay will be provided to the interns.
  • The college has a quota system where women graduates get 50% of the vacancies.
  • For the children of journalists accredited, a quota of 10% is reserved.

Eligibility Criteria of this internship:

Candidates must have a degree in media.

  • Candidates must complete their media graduation between 1st May 2019 and 31st July 2021.
  • A CGPA of 3.0 minimum is required
  • Candidates with a 16-30-year-old age limit are considered.
  • Punjabi candidates can apply, and candidates from other provinces are not eligible.
  • A minimum of two seats are allotted to women in every district in Punjab. Each district of Punjab will be represented by at least two or more females and two males.

How to Apply for this Internship Program 2021-22:

  • To apply, candidates must fill out a prescribed form.
  • The eligibility requirements must be met before applying for this internship.
  • Ensure all the details are provided correctly.
  • Red-tailed questions must be answered.
  • After you have proofread your application, submit it.

Click here to Apply for the CM Punjab Internship 2021-2022





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